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Our rates

Short and long term stays welcome

Boarding Terms:


If two or more family dogs are boarded together in the same suite or if two or more family cats are boarded together in the same space, the rate for each animal boarded with another will be reduced by $2.00 per day. Pets boarded together must be from the same family, have adequate space in our largest enclosures and be compatible. No more than four pets can be boarded together. Dogs and cats are boarded in totally different areas and are never mixed.


Monthly rates based on a 30-day month are pro-rated beginning at 21 days of boarding. Rates for multiple family pets are computed as follows:

$30.00 per dog per month

$30.00 per cat per month

are deducted from the monthly rate and pro-rated as necessary.


Dogs are de-fleaed with a gentle but effective pyrethrin product before entering the kennel. Cats are de-fleaed as necessary.


Each pampering session lasts 10-15 minutes. Pampering sessions for multiple family dogs not boarded together are $6.00 per run. All family dogs in one run can be pampered at the regular $6.00 rate.  Dogs boarding 30-days or longer receive a complimentary pampering session each day.


There is a 5-day minimum boarding charge for each pet staying at Animal Inn over the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


Please note: Checkout time is 1:00 p.m.  Boarding charges begin on the pet’s check-in day, whether check-in occurs early or late in the day. For pets checked out on Monday through Saturday, boarding charges are NOT made for the day if the pet is picked up by checkout time - or if the pet is to be groomed that day. Boarding charges for the day of checkout ARE made when:


1) Pets are picked up on any Sunday


2) Pets are picked up after checkout time


3) Pets are picked up on any holiday on which we may be open for a few hours late in the day for your convenience.


Dogs boarded for 14 days or longer receive a FREE bath before being checked out.

Our Rates


Dogs wt (lbs)            Daily Boarding Rate       Monthly Boarding Rate         Dip/DeFlea Rate 

       1-20                                    $20.00                        $500.00                                      $6.00

      21-35                                   $21.00                                   $525.00                                      $7.00

      36-60                                  $23.00                                  $575.00                                      $8.00

      61-100                                 $25.00                                  $625.00                                      $9.00

     Over 100                             $27.00                                  $675.00                                      $10.00


Cats                           $16.00                                  $400.00


Pampering                 $6.00

(per session)

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